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Peter,77 from Norfolk (England)
My wife died some months ago, after 51 years finding it very hard. I'm just about fit and healthy, it would be nice to find some one to write to and be friends with.

Ted,70 from Yorkshire (England)
Hi, I am a widowed male, young at heart, self employed, keep myself fit,
with swimming, and sessions at the gym. Good hearted, kind, in fact a very
balanced, personality and character. I am seeking a lady, who enjoys travelling,
long conversations, and has a long term vision of life ahead, with companionship,
and enjoying life as much as possible.

Jim,65 from Worcestershire (England)
I have many interests including cooking, meeting people & making friends,
music - I play guitar and can basically read music, climate change, study
of wildlife & nature, study of psychology

Stephen,64 from Lancashire (England)
I served in the Royal Navy from age 15 to 23,as a Medic, I was also a Diver and served in submarines. On leaving the service I had a long career as a general and psychiatric nurse, I am now retired.

Steve,56 from Essex (England)
I'm a young minded 56 year old Englishman. Retired Criminologist.
 I like Music, Movies, Travel, Dogs. Seeking kind intelligent ladies to
write to and get to know. Maybe meet with

Robert,53 from Worcestershire (England)
Hello, I live in the Cotswolds in England. I enjoy the Theatre, Arts, Travel and fine food. I am divorced. One son. I'm a Bank Manager by profession. GSOH.

Michael,51 from Texas
Interested in contacting people who are like minded. Interested in walks/hiking,
the arts (photography, oils, writing), literature (heavy reading), Vegetarian/Vegan
life style and many other interests…

Martin, 49 from Essex (England)
Veteran soldier, 6ft tall, blue eyed. Like to go out on the motorbike for long runs. Would like to get to talk & meet more people.

Gary,47 from Glasgow (Scotland)
Sporty (or trying to get back into it), concerts / films/ theatre, (though depends
what's on of course), music (trying to get my fingers to recognise a keyboard
again), earthy (well down to earth), books (perhaps we’ll write one together),
sense of humour (at least I enjoy my jokes!)

Graeme,46 from Nottinghamshire (England)
Hi, I am hoping to meet a penal(s) from the USA for friendship and to
share experiences across the two cultures. I enjoy keeping healthy
through exercise and good food, and try to always keep positive about life.

Stephen, 45 from Devon (in UK Prison)
I would love to correspond with someone who enjoys writing and receiving letters
as I do. I love to read, write, listen to the radio and follow football. Ed Reardon's Week
and Clare in the Community are my favourite radio programmes - if you like that sort of
humour too maybe we'd be good pen pals?

Andrew,45 British Army
I love the great outdoors, for it's sports and walking. I try and live life
to the full. Treat people like you would like to be treated yourself.
Love films and music and F1 racing and rugby union,
at the moment fighting Ebola.

Jason,43 from Yorkshire (England)
Hi, I'm an easy going guy likes movies music looking to correspond with a female

John,40 RAF
I am down here with hundreds of guys, it would be nice to have some female correspondence for a change and maybe have some fun. I'm reasonably fit and single.

Andy, 39 from Norfolk (England)
Hi I love everything American and Canadian and would like to get chatting
to any females from that region. See where it goes. Just love the accents

Nick, 37 from Hampshire (England)
Hi, I have come to this site to find more friends from the USA. I have been
over once and am planning many more trips over then next few years.
Love the place and people.

David,36 from Surrey (England)
Hi, I like rock climbing and swimming. A very keen scuba diver who likes
to travel and see the world. Please feel free to drop me a line

Drew,32 from Alberta
I am a 32 year old man, about 6'4" and slim, with dark brown hair and hazel eyes.
I love making new friends, and I have a weakness for having nice pleasant
conversation with pleasant people.

Luke,31 from County Durham (England)
Hi, I'm from the North East of England looking to make new friends. I enjoy
concerts, movies, meals out, holidays, reading autobiographies… Would like
to correspond with penpals in USA / Canada.

Mike,28 from Swansea (Wales)
A fun person looking for new friends to talk too. I am a carer worker. have many intrested

Zachary, 28 from British Columbia
I am interested in having a pen pal. I'd like to meet new people,
share ideas, and hobbies, all while getting to know you.

Aaron,27 from Essex (England)
Looking for random person to chat to, and new way to meet people.
I'm a open minded, relaxed kind of guy

Sean,27 from Suffolk (England)
A creative and easy going guy in England looking to make friends in the
States. I like to paint, draw, read, cook, garden and listen to music.

Jordan,26 from London (England)
I'm Welsh but now live and work in London. I thought it might be fun to
meet someone new this way? Fun or weird? I haven't quite decided yet!

Tony, 26 from Kent (England)
Just a friendly guy who loves meeting new people from different walks of life.

Calum,25 British Army
Young soldier looking to talk to woman. Like all sports, tennis, badminton football.
Like swimming keeping fit. Like going to cinema, reading. Walking staying in.
Like to travel meet new people. Small height but all good things
come in small packages

Richard,24 from Essex (England)
Hi, I'm into technology and music, I would like to hear from
somebody that likes cats and into the same interests as me.

James, 24 Royal Navy
Chef in the Royal Navy going away soon and just want to make some
friends before going away so you can keep me sane on the trip

Tareeq, 23 US Prisoner
Hi, I'm single with no children. I'm a college student born in Jamaica W.I but currently
living in America. I'm really just looking for friends that are interesting and fun to talk to.
My hobbies are body building, soccer, cooking and reading.

Nick,23 from North Carolina
I'm a fireman and just wanting to meet someone of another country I think it would be cool

Dan,21 from Suffolk (England)
Hi, I do suffer with depression. Looking for a friendly female
penpal to have good conversations with. Thank you in advance

Thomas,21 from Lancashire (England)
A fun guy who just wants to make new friends! I love music, travel and food.

Liam,20 British Army
Hobbies, gym boxing football going out with mates partying,
from Ellesmere Port but live in Catterick now if you want to know
more just send me a message

Martin,18 from Utah
Am an American living in Utah just looking for friends abroad (particularly The UK,
where I hope to live someday) who can show me new cultures and personalities :)
love to write letters or e-mail!

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Females • Be sure to make a note of the reference number of any members you are interested in contacting.
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Sachiko,75 from Japan
Widow, wishing to have a gentleman penfriend

Susan, 68 from Gloucestershire (England)
I am a young looking 68 hard worker, bubbly personality. Smartly dressed,
love clothes shopping. Love holidays, eating out, Love music and dancing,
only drink socially and a non smoker. Love children.

Eileen,62 from Pennsylvania
I am divorced, an English Lit. Prof. at a local college. Love to learn anything new in arts, sciences, world cultures. I am also a spiritual sort, still seeking. Write and say Hi!

Alexis,59 from Lancashire (England)
Female, graduate, seeks friends, any gender 50-70 yrs. Interests music, reading, astrology, astronomy, criminology, eating out, theatre, travel, animals. I have a good sense of humour.

Angela,56 from Humberside (England)
I am a straight female, divorced looking to make new friends, male and female I enjoy most thing meals out days away holidays history computers reading I have a grown up son and grown up daughter 2 grandsons 1 granddaughter I also have a little dog

Ginette,56 from Inverness (Scotland)
I enjoy a laugh easy to talk to enjoy going out for meals, theatre
music concerts walks I have a wicked sense of humour

Ann,53 from Merseyside (England)
Am rebuilding my life since last year and would like sincere and genuine
penpals from within UK. Am a youthful and optimistic aged 53 with sense of
humour who enjoys life in general, especially good conversation! I love reading,
homemaking, doing family history research and enjoy occasional trips somewhere new.

Heather,53 from Essex (England)
Hi, I love travelling, reading and learning new things. I am trying to learn
French and play golf. I am looking for friends with a good sense of
humour and are also curious


Fiona 52 from Ayrshire (Scotland)
Kind, cheerful, fit and energetic. Love being outdoors, especially walking. Like reading, eating out, painting, arts & crafts and Scandi Noir on the TV. Like to keep up to date with current affairs. Am divorced and have 2 grown up children, one of whom is now married. Am looking for fun chit chat and friendship... love writing letters/emails.

Chris,52 from Washington
Unmarried attractive lady of Scandinavian decent, currently living in the USA,
but have dual citizenship with Canada. Long dark hair, blue eyes, pale skin,
hourglass build, 5'8" - 172.72cm. I love old world things and the lifestyle of
yesteryear. I think it would be very romantic and a lovely experience to exchange
hand-written letters, and build a relationship with possibilities.

Christine,51 from Norfolk (England)
Sociable, fun and independent who'd like to share stories and smiles particularly with those in the armed forces serving overseas. Happy to hear from anyone looking for friendly chat

Maria,50 from Wirral (England)
I am a young 50 year old woman. Slim fair and into health. I like the idea of a pen pal. I'm hoping it will give me the chance to get to know people outside my usual friends.


Jacqui,50 from Warwickshire (England)
Hi, caring outgoing woman who has found herself in a rut, a handful of friends all married, don't know what to do with myself anymore, at a loss

Jane,50 from Warwickshire (England)
I'm just 50 years old a serving British Police Officer and have 2 grown up daughters
and 2 grandchildren. I love music, concerts, reading , walking my 2 big dogs

Caroline,50 from Yorkshire (England)
I love animals, I have 2 dogs and 4 cats. I love to read, garden, travel. I have
various tastes in music and movies. I am hoping to make some friends from
the USA. If you would like to chat and find out more please write.

Sue,50 from Gloucestershire (England)
I'm a blonde divorcee, although the blonde tends to come out of a bottle
these days. With my children getting older I have now found I've got time
for a life again, but no local, decent gentlemen available or they don't go
to the places that I do.

Laurie,50 from Pennsylvania
Hello, I live in a small town in Pennsylvania and love all there is about England!
Have been there twice and would love to correspond with a friend who lives there
so I can hear all about the day to day life there! I have a fondness for castles and
gardens. Would love to chat

Sandra,49 from West Midlands (England)
Hi, I'm a divorced lady with 2 grown up sons so have time on my hands to
write to a new friend with whom I want to share my life experiences with
including the laughs, the highs and lows but more importantly the here and
now. I am a company director of a business I have set up with a friend with
whom I worked with for many years in education. I have a passion for a well
balanced lifestyle, I love to talk but I also a great listener.
Drop me a line if you fancy hearing more

Lisa,48 from Kent (England)
Hi, I am separated, have 3 children, looking to make new friends
maybe more, want to support our armed forces and being a
penpal seems a good start

Flavia,47 from Italy
I am a teacher in a Low Secondary School. I love my job, reading and I have
an insane passion for thriller and for some TV series. I am a Christian.

Susan,47 from Kent (England)
Oh what to say! Kind, caring idiot with odd sense of humour. Hoping to
connect with some decent people for friendship and who knows what!

Wendy,46 from Liverpool (England)
Definitely no oil painting but have a heart of gold for people who are important to me. Enjoy simple things in life, reading, baking, swimming, listening to music and animals

Elise,46 from California
I'm interested in the lost art of letter writing. Too few people truly appreciate handwritten letters now

Wendy,42 from Shropshire (England)
Hi. Single with good sense of humour. Looking to correspond with anyone in the forces who wants to hear from me. If you want to know more then please drop me a line

Sally-Ann 39 from Yorkshire (England). Single female who loves the outdoors, mountain biking, hiking, books, movies, music. Likes being spontaneous, having fun and have a wicked sense of humour.

Kelly,39 from London (England)
SEN 1:1support in primary school. Love to dance, read, travel, Family orientated, 2 children from previous marriage

Deborah,38 from Dorset (England)
I'm looking to meet new people in the forces mainly as I can imagine it gets quite lonely when deployed I'm honest fun loving kind and have a big heart would love to here from you can chat through email/text/post

Cheryl,37 from Warwickshire (England)
Reached a complicated time in my life and looking for friendship at the moment. Love militaria , collecting, air shows, watching motor sports, anything with an engine . vegetarian - but not annoying

Frankie,36 from Conwy (North Wales)
I am a Mum of two loons aged 9 & 14 and I am a trainee farmers wife and run
my own business. (Juggling is becoming my sport) I am looking just to make
a friend and hopefully remind you how to smile - it is after all the best medicine

Ruth,33 from Northumberland (England)
I work in travel and I'm away from home a lot, so thought this would be a great way
of making new friends, perhaps leading to more, who knows! I'm 5ft 8, have dark hair
and brown eyes. I love music, sports, working out, cooking and socialising when I get
the chance, I try not to take life too seriously unless I have to. Would love to hear
from any genuine people who love a good conversation. Speak soon

Louise,32 from Humberside (England)
I'm a mum of 2, I've recently separated from my partner and guess I'm looking for a lil company

Gemma,30 from Nottinghamshire (England)
Hi, friendly ,outgoing single mother of 1 .. my interests are reading, movies and I love animals of all shapes and sizes

Sarah,30 from Derbyshire (England)
Working away from home long hours don't get much chance to get out
and meet people so thought this could be fun!!

Samantha, 30 from Lincolnshire (England)
Hi, I'm looking for new and interesting people to chat with, and possibly travel with
or meet for coffee. I'm a little shy in larger social gatherings, but small groups are cool.
I'm not a massive party girl, but I do like a good drink in a pub. I'm into travel in a big
way and the west coast of America is my favourite place to go, I have been to Hong Kong
and I have lots of other places on my list. I also collect Taxidermy birds and I have a good
few tattoos. I love movies, horrors, thrillers and the usual chick-flicks. I'm a great listener too.
I work permanent night shift, so I don't really get out much.
Hope we find something to talk about.

Leanne,29 from UK
British woman seeking penpal from US or Canada. Fun loving and passionate about
travelling and life. Would love to share my experiences and learn of yours.

Ashleigh,28 from Yorkshire (England)
I am a single mum of a 2 year old, doing a degree part time.

Jo, 28 British Army
Just looking for people to chat with and get to know

Elisabeth,25 from Dyfed (Wales)
A single woman from Wales, I'm hoping to find friends on here (hopefully I might find Mr Right too). Would really like to speak to someone from the UK forces because I come from a military family, but I'm willing to speak to anyone. Please don't be shy and feel free to ask me anything you like.

Jessica,25 from Kent (England)
I'm a positive person who always looks for the best in people :)
just looking to meet some new interesting people!

Shamim,23 from Sweden
I love music and dancing as well ,travelling, nature and meeting
new people. Am looking for friendship, pen pals to call a friend

Georgia,22 from Sydney
Wanting to chat to people from all over the world !

Louise,21 from Wales
I'm currently a second year student at university. In love reading, swimming and
walks. I'm friendly and love meeting new people. I would like to hear from someone
who has a good sense of humour, kind and isn't afraid to speak their mind

Yana, 19 from Blairgowrie (Scotland)
Originally from Bulgaria, living in Scotland since 2007. I am a 5'6, dark blonde,
green eyed girl who loves to write and is looking to meet new people and hopefully
put a smile on someone's face. I hope to become a Neonatal Nurse after completing
my studies. I also have a passion for nature, animals and the outdoors, as well as
cooking, reading and writing. I am very happy, honest and trustful. I have always
dreamed of sending and receiving letters, though I'm more than happy with emails.
Get in touch if you'd like to know more.

Maria, 18 from Russia
Hi, I like reading, watching movies, listening to music, playing guitar, paint. Every piece of what you see, observe, what you excited about, what you glimpsed or felt merge together in a great euphony.


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