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Gary,54 RAF
Tall, not unattractive and serving in the RAF I Returned from
Afghanistan to find myself single. Thought I would give this
a go to meet some new female friends.

Brian,54 from Toronto
Hi, I am a middle aged man from Toronto, Canada. I am a very laid back and easy
to get along with. Basically I am looking for a person from The UK who would like
to keep in contact with me

Robert, 51 from West Virginia
Visited England some years ago and always wanted to return.
I don't know anyone any longer. Eager to communicate with
someone & see where it may lead!

Alastair,48 from Spain
Young at Heart, easy-going guy living the Good Life in Spain with sun, sea and cheap cold beer!

Christopher, 43 from Lincolnshire (England)
Just looking for a decent woman, who likes the simple things in life…love, romance,
cuddles on the sofa, walks, a few drinks out. Looking for honesty, love and a
best friend…..maybe asking too much lol. Drop me a line if you like what you read…
I promise I won't bite.

Jonathan,43 from Gwent (Wales)
Cheerful easygoing guy, young looking and outlook. Master degree educated,
likes football, snooker, swimming, meeting up, non smoker seeks similar for
long term pals, age preference; 18-35 and slimmish.

Daniel,43 from Wisconsin
single male. Father of two wonderful boys - 25 & 21. Interested in talking
to people from other cultures. Love sports, music, and movies

Josaia,41 British Army
I'm Fijian, male, love active sports and activities. Been in the British army
for 12 years and love every moment so far. Serving in Afghanistan at the
moment so any messages would be a morale boost

John, 39 from Texas
I am a black gentleman, honest and down-to-earth, with high sense of humour.
I am looking to make new friends from people from UK and the world over as I
normally spent my vacations in the UK every year, I hold a bachelor degree and
work as a correction officer for the state of Texas

Clint,37 from Cape Town (South Africa)
I'm very interested in football and interested in global news. I don't like racism, I like outdoor activity and would like to meet someone that is funny and very down to earth, enjoys laughing - must be female

Gavin, 37 from Hertfordshire (England)
Hi, I am a genuine guy looking to make new friends male and female in our armed forces

Robert,37 from Germany
I was honoured with the lowest educational achievement, I speak the
worst English a native German is capable of, I don't know how to use a
computer or to touch an iPhone correctly, and how I became
a father of two adorable children is a secret :-)

Warrick,34 from UK
Ex Royal Marine, all the way from the Fiji Islands and of mixed nationality and
consist of Chinese, Fijian, European and Pacific Polynesian. I love water sports,
walking and picnics, diving and socialising, travelling with mates, shopping
and drinking. LOLZ

Mark,34 from New Hampshire
My Father's side of the family is from Ireland and my Mother's side of the
family is from England and Wales, so I would like to make a new friend in
the UK, and perhaps meet them someday

Tyree, 33 from Pennsylvania
Black male from North Philadelphia. Shoe customizer, graphic designer, artist,
poet, avid reader of fantasy, sic-fi, comics and anime. Last but not least a graffiti
artist in college after 8 years in the military

Barney, 26 Royal Navy
Hi, we are a group of single guys, aged 19-32, who are currently serving in the Gulf and we would love to have some letters from home to help maintain morale while we are away serving Queen and country. Interested?

Christopher,30 from Yorkshire (England)
I am a friendly and sociable individual. I like to meet new people and enjoy making
people see themselves in a positive way. I am 6ft 1 inch, of African-Caribbean descent,
brown skin, slim, and handsome. Contact me to find out more

Daniel,30 British Army
Fun, outgoing bloke in need of morale and cheering up, 6ft, blonde,
blue eyes up for a laugh and always up for a good time, write me

Scott,30 British Army
Currently serving in Afghanistan, looking to fill my time
with something to do. So why not get writing

Jon,29 RAF
Hello I'm currently deployed to Afghanistan. Looking for a pen pal to write to while I'm away.

Laurence, 27 British Army
My mother forced me upon this site as she told me I need to get out the house more,
get a wife and some children and move out of her garage…lol, Just kidding.
7 years in Army, PTI, fun, spontaneous and cheeky

Donald,27 from Louisiana
I am from New Orleans and am I looking to speak to intelligent
females 21 and older. I like money and R&B music as well as people
who don't judge. My hobbies include reading and writing.

Barney, 26 Royal Navy
Hi, we are a group of single guys, aged 19-32, who are currently serving in the Gulf and we would love to have some letters from home to help maintain morale while we are away serving Queen and country. Interested?

Alejandro, 24 US Navy
I am an easy going individual who enjoys meeting new people from all
walks of life. I'm currently on a deployment so looking forward to conversing
with people outside of my command.

Jacob,23 from Minnesota
I'm a bit of an Anglophile. I'm fun, funny, kind, caring, sweet and loyal. I love to help others, and make others laugh. I'm passionate about learning, I love to travel, and spend time outdoors.

Barney, 26 Royal Navy
Hi, we are a group of single guys, aged 19-32, who are currently serving in the Gulf and we would love to have some letters from home to help maintain morale while we are away serving Queen and country. Interested?

Tom,19 from Wiltshire (England)
Hello, Tom is the name. I am hugely into music! I would like to hear from you!

Walt,19 US Marines
Hi, I was born and raised in New York. At the age of 17 I enlisted into the
Marine corps. I am currently stationed in California and love to learn
about me world culture.

Zupa, 19 from Slovenia
Hi, I'm trying to improve my skills of English language. Interested in penpals from England

Natalie,17 from Tyne and Wear (England)
Hi, I'm currently a business studies apprentice for the NHS. I love animals
and reading, I have two dogs that I love taking to the beach. I would love someone
to talk to and maybe make some new friends at the same time.

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Females • Be sure to make a note of the reference number of any members you are interested in contacting.
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Lieve, 60 from Belgium
I'm a Flemish widow, I work part time as a piano teacher. I like England very
much and I like to write with someone who is interested in classical
music and in life in general

Eve,60 from Dorset (England)
I took VR from education over a year ago. Since than I have been travelling
all over the world. I have met lots of lovely people on my travels and would
like to chat with similar minded people in the UK or abroad. I am a warm,
friendly and outgoing person who values friendships. I enjoy reading,
dancing and walking

Carol,52 from Glasgow (Scotland)
hi, do you want a smiley face and good sense of humour as a female contact.
Then please write to me. I've just been released from a marriage of 23 years.
Looking to being reminded that I count and deserve better. Hope that’s not too heavy.

Taru,51 from Finland
Hi, I'm a single mom who would love to have new friends. I am an optimistic,
smiley person with whom is easy to connect. I like reading, photographing,
music, long walks, movies, travelling.

Bernice, 50 from Netherlands
Nice Dutch lady looking for nice English gentleman, to be penpal friends.
I like art, culture, reading travelling, movies, music. Good sense of humour,
I love the UK and its people.

Elaine,48 from West Midlands (England)
Hi, just a few words about me, I like most things like going out to
cinema, Restaurant, Pubs with Entertainment and going to Gym as
well as doing my dance exercise DVD's at home, I also like to watch
films, drama, action, horror on TV or DVD, generally I like most things
and would love to hear from you

Mandy,46 from Derbyshire (England)
Hi. I'm a bohemian, fun-loving mixed media artist from England looking for men
to chat with and develop friendship, maybe leading to more. I enjoy travel, going
to see films, reading books, making art. I like to enjoy myself and have fun.
I'm an animal lover and I have two little dogs and four cats. I'm a vegetarian

Tina,46 from Derbyshire (England)
46 and seeking friends! As Savage Garden would say, "When you feel all alone, and
a loyal friend is hard to find" "When hopes and dreams are far away, and you feel like
you can't face the day" "Let me be the one you call, If you jump I'll brake your fall…."
"Lift you up and fly away with you into the night" Just looking for a friend! Answer all!

Carolyn,45 from Surrey (England)
Single, I have not been blessed with children but I have lovely nephews and nieces
and that more than makes up for it. I am at my happiest when surrounded by family
and good friends. I work as a deputy head of a nursery school. I love baking, cooking,
travelling, walking, cycling (not that well I had better add) reading, tasting good wine
and learning the French language.

Emma,42 from Worcestershire (England)
Young, single, fun, flirty 42 year old, looking to write to new male
friends, enjoying keeping fit, cinema, loves to laugh, will answer to all.

Leah,41 from Manchester (England)
Hi, qualified nurse who is size 10 and looks younger. Clear skin and
no wrinkles. Long hair. Looking for military or an American man.
Love everything American and to live there

Catherine, 39 from Sussex (England)
I'm a down to earth girl looking for interesting conversation.
I like all the usual stuff, music, movies etc

Sarah,38 from Tyne and Wear (England)
I'm a mum of two and a full time student nurse. Any free time
I like to go to the cinema, the gym and out with friends.

Kinga,36 from Hungary
I'm a woman with two children. I'm divorced. I'm trying to find myself and collect the
pieces of my broken soul. But I'm on the right way. I like sport. I swim twice a week
and also run twice a week. I love the forest, I run there every weekend. I like travelling,
although in the last few years I couldn't practice it. In the evening when everything is
quiet I like reading. I would like to get in contact with people on the other side of the
World, to get to know different people. I would really enjoy listening to the stories of
older people as well. So I would be happy if anybody would write to me.


Tammie,34 from Hampshire (England)
I am a happy go lucky girl looking to meet and chat with new people.
Enjoy nights out with friends and evenings in watching a good film.

Shawna,33 from Alberta
Hello, I am an upbeat, 30 something single mother to a beautiful little girl.
When I am not working I enjoy reading, spending time with my daughter,
hiking through the mountains, travelling, watching movies and listening to music.

Jennifer, 32 from Colorado
I am a mother and wife. I work full time and go to school part time.

Louise,32 from UK
I am expecting my first child this year. I am not with the father and he is not
around at all. Am looking to meet a nice, genuine, caring man who is willing
to look after us both. I have always been interested in meeting an American man
as I think its great to have diversity in a relationship and experience the different
cultures we both have to offer.

Paula,31 from Norfolk (England)
I enjoy walking, going to the coast & camping. I like to eat out
& go to the cinema/theatre. Enjoy the simple things in life not materialistic

Samantha, 30 from Cheshire (England)
I am currently a stay at home mum. I am looking to expand my
horizons and meet new people for friendship and laughs

Kacy,26 from Kent (England)
Career focused but fun loving. A lover of cats, makeup, cocktails
and vintage! I spend a lot of my time in Brighton, Camden and Soho.

Castiel, 26 from Buckinghamshire (England)
Hi, nice single girl looking for penfriends either male or female
I don’t mind so long as you like to write

Parita,25 from London (England)
Hi I am just looking to have some fun.. I love to travel and see
the world in all it's wonderful glory but am a Londoner by heart..

Erin,24 from Manchester (England)
Fun Manchester girl looking to meet new people

Ingrid,23 from Edinburgh (Scotland)
I'm originally from Australia, and have just moved to Scotland. Love reading
and writing a good letter, and would love to hear from all people

Rebecca,23 from Virginia
Looking for GB friends to talk to!

Cara,18 from Angus (Scotland)
Female with health issues but a good harmony between modern and
"old-fashioned" interests. Just looking to meet some good friends,
perhaps help some lonely folks.


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