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Crecensio, 87 from New York
Single, widower, Latino, Puerto Rican. Brooklyn, NY is my home and I spent
1 year in Vietnam. I am a retired high school Guidance counsellor. I would like
conversations with a nice looking woman with a nice figure. I have never been
to England or Scotland. It would be a wonderful to have a female companion to share.

Colin, 76 from Sussex (England)
I am literate and do not get about very much these days. My computer
has difficulty sometimes picking up a signal but I will try to be interesting.

Neil,75 from Merseyside (England)
Fit, healthy 75 year old Fifties rock'n'roll fan seeks female companion.
I have many other interests: Reading, Writing, Walking

Bob, 64 from Florida
I travel to the UK by myself a few times a year and would like to make new
meet for "coffee" friends. I'm retired and live in US Florida. Love to travel the
world but always enjoy coming home.

Mohammed, 60 from Oman
Basically I'm an electrical engineer and have my own contracting construction business.
My interest is to find real friendship. I like educated and honest people. Of course I'd like
to hear from good promising people, any age and religion from any where.

Bernhard, 56 from Germany
Looking for a pen pal in Scotland

Johnny,51 US Navy
I am an easy going person with a very bubbly sense of humour, I am also
a very good listener. I love animals, and I like to take long evening walks
with them on the beach at sunset. I am honest, truthful and kind.
I like reading, writing, swimming

Stephen, 50 from Yorkshire (England)
Hi, I am single, I love sport , please mail me ladies!

Jason,49 from South Dakota
Hi, I'm a dual national (American-British). I love history and travel.
Looking for someone to befriend and get to know with similar interests.

Gordon, 48 from Clackmannanshire (Scotland)
Hi, I'm a 48 years matured male easy going, GSOH, genuine, affectionate,
romantic, loving , passionate, positive attitude to life. I have Parkinsons
disease which I manage by medication daily

Stephen, 45 from Devon (in UK Prison)
I would love to correspond with someone who enjoys writing and receiving letters
as I do. I love to read, write, listen to the radio and follow football. Ed Reardon's Week
and Clare in the Community are my favourite radio programmes - if you like that sort of
humour too maybe we'd be good pen pals?

Andrew,45 British Army
I love the great outdoors, for it's sports and walking. I try and live life
to the full. Treat people like you would like to be treated yourself.
Love films and music and F1 racing and rugby union,
at the moment fighting Ebola.

Andrew, 44 from Bristol (England)
Medium young, Intelligent, down to earth, easy going, with a great
sense of humour, Non smoking (unless I am on fire!), ex Navy engineer.
Interests include watching rugby, cinema, all types of music. Looking to
chat with females aged 28-45 from anywhere.

Sean, 43 from Washington (USA)
I'm a Seattle native who would like to expand his horizons!I would enjoy
meeting a U.K. woman around my age who enjoys the arts, the outdoors
and can explain to me what "Bubble and Squeak" is!

Alex, 40 from Hampshire (England)
I'd like to meet an American lady for friendship and possibly more.
I've always got on well with them in the past.

Andy, 39 from Norfolk (England)
Hi I love everything American and Canadian and would like to get chatting
to any females from that region. See where it goes. Just love the accents

Ben,38 from British Army
Tall, fit, handsome, army officer looking to expand my social circle well outside
of my work! I enjoy the great outdoors and most sports, as well as quality down time.
I don't have baggage or a dog, but I do have a motorbike… I am busy and often away
with work, hence joining, but keen to hear from ladies with a good sense of humour
and similar interests.

Anthony,38 RAF
Hey there, currently serving in the RAF and from Whitby in North Yorkshire,
looking for people to help keep me occupied and make some new
friends along the way

Rupert,37 British Army
Army Chap looking for interesting and decent people to chat to

Steven, 35 from Sussex (England)
Hi, I like music, theatre, gigs, reading, walking, karaoke and photography.
Would like to hear from any females or males and see how we get on.

Brandon, 32 US Navy
Chilled laid back guy who has a big heart. I like to travel and enjoy life.

Kevin, 31 US Navy
Hello!! I am a fun loving, open-book type of person. I'm hoping to find a
good friend that can talk to me about anything! I miss "adult" conversations.

Brian,31 Prisoner New York State
Male seeking female friendship/ companionship. I'm physically fit and enjoy physical fitness,
sports, reading and the outdoors. I'm very family and friend oriented who like's to socialize.

Ryan, 28 from London (England)
I am a British guy looking to make new penpal friends. I love
travelling and meeting new people and would love to hear from you.

Daryl,28 from Buckinghamshire (England)
Hi, I'm a nice guy, little bit shy, like music, cooking, am bi sexual

Tony, 26 from Kent (England)
Just a friendly guy who loves meeting new people from different walks of life.

Calum,25 British Army
Young soldier looking to talk to woman. Like all sports, tennis, badminton football.
Like swimming keeping fit. Like going to cinema, reading. Walking staying in.
Like to travel meet new people. Small height but all good things
come in small packages

James, 24 Royal Navy
Chef in the Royal Navy going away soon and just want to make some
friends before going away so you can keep me sane on the trip

Tareeq, 23 US Prisoner
Hi, I'm single with no children. I'm a college student born in Jamaica W.I but currently
living in America. I'm really just looking for friends that are interesting and fun to talk to.
My hobbies are body building, soccer, cooking and reading.

Nick,23 from North Carolina
I'm a fireman and just wanting to meet someone of another country I think it would be cool

Thomas,21 from Lancashire (England)
A fun guy who just wants to make new friends! I love music, travel and food.

Zack, 20 US Marines
I'm big on the outdoors and I just found this and thought it may be cool
to try maybe make new friends in far away places

Carl, 19 from Pennsylvania
Hello! I'm a premed student. I live in the USA; an hour from Philly and New York City.
I will be going to Ireland for medical School and visit the UK on holiday now and then.
I would love to make friends for when I go for Medical School

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Females • Be sure to make a note of the reference number of any members you are interested in contacting.
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Arline, 78 from Yorkshire (England)
I am a straight woman recently widowed. Loves musicals,
baseball, tennis, films and theatre. I am looking for male and
females for penpals friendship only.

Audrey, 75 from Kent (England)
I'm young at heart and active. Recently bereaved and looking
for penpals, friendship, company or just to chat

Karen,69 from California
Seeking a British pen pal. Interested in GB's beauty, history, traditions, TV, film,
humour & colloquialisms. Other interests: Classical music, mystery novels,
witty people, exchanging ideas, learning your story…and more!

Dee,69 from California
I was widowed 3 years ago after a long, happy marriage, and wish to expand my
circle of friends in the UK. I lived for many years in Enfield, Middlesex., and miss
the British culture and sense of humour (thank goodness for BBC radio!) I enjoy
nature, reading, theatre, gardening, hiking and travel. I would like to correspond
with like-minded people to share ideas and lively "conversation". I am not
interested in romance. I am a retired university librarian who keeps fit with
qigong and walking. I am a non-smoker.

Danielle, 68 from Berkshire (England)
I am French but live in England most of the year. I am retired, enjoy travelling,
reading, music (blues, country, easy listening, Daniel O'Donnel), and I am an
animal lover, I am married, childless, have a little dog

Lynne, 63 from Manchester (England)
Single female, interests include reading, gardening,
photography, yoga, Pilates green and environmental issues

Jan, 62 from California
I am single female looking only for friendship. I enjoy writing, movies, learning,
outdoors. I love all animals, have a small dog. Enjoy people who are
like-minded about animals.

Maria, 59 from West Midlands (England)
Hi, I would like to correspond with male or female penfriends from any country.
I have many interests, mainly arts and crafts. I love animals, nature, reading,
music and photography. I am very friendly, a good listener and caring

Marcia, 56 from Virginia
Hi. I am a single, educated lady who is easy going and fun to be with.
I enjoy travelling, history, current events, cooking, yoga, and nature.
Looking forward to corresponding with new friends.

Michelle,55 from Humberside (England)
I am a spontaneous kind of person go out for CD's come back with a 40" telly!!
Bit crazy sometimes, love F1, Bikes (motor) not peddle - too strenuous lol,
photography, holidays, chilling to music/film

Barbara,53 from Northumberland (England)
I am a friendly outgoing person and looking to make new friends

Gisela, 52 from Sussex (England)
Hi, I would love to be pen pals with US military men regardless of age.
I live in Brighton and I'm looking forward to conversing and connecting.
Thanks for looking.

Jacqueline, 51 from Sussex (England)
I would like to chat to anyone any age serving in the U.S. Forces.
Travelled a little know what it is like to be far from home.

Sara-Jayne, 50 from Somerset (England)
I'm a photographer. I'm honest kind hearted and loving.
I try to put others first. I go to the gym. I am small petite

Carmel,50 from London (England)
Hi, friendly granny not able to get out as much as would like.
Love to meet new people in new ways

Teresa, 49 from Lancashire (England)
Hi, I'm recently separated, looking for my "Happy Ever After".
I would like to hear from guys all over the world

Lesley,47 from Norfolk (England)
I'm a single, blonde female (not ditsy!) living in Norfolk but I am originally
from Scotland. I work as an English teacher in a boys' grammar school and
enjoy movies, cooking and travelling. Outgoing and friendly, I love everything
about the paranormal and spiritualism. I also adore animals and have 3 cats.
I love the countryside and visiting new places and would love to get closer to
nature. I've also got a great sense of humour! I'd like more laughter in my life.
Have you got similar interests?

Helen,45 from West Lothian (Scotland)
Hi, single lady, looking to chat and make friends. I spend most of my time working
but do like going out to dinner, gardening, growing vegetables, movies and music

Donna,44 from Kent (England)
I am hoping to make friends from all over the world. I love movies, swimming
and animals. I have two grown up children and a house full of pets

Clare, 44 from Lincolnshire (England)
Hi, I'm from rural England. Seeking penpal who's honest and fun but has
a deeper ( not dark!) side to themselves. I like reading, cinema and most
types of music. I work with children and have two of my own. Love horses,
dogs, country walks, sunny days and warm nights. Sense of humour essential

Shaymarie, 43 from Fife (Scotland)
Hi I'm friendly and easy going and love to write so what better way to put all
that to use than to share my thoughts, ideas, views on anything and everything
worth talking about with someone who might actually b interested in listening lol.
I'm consistent and loyal so once you've made friends with me there's
no going back ha ha come say hi ok.

Lisa, 42 from Yorkshire (England)
Hi. I am seeking a genuine penpal relationship with anyone French from
40 years of age onwards. I am a dedicated Francophile and would love to
learn more about your country, your culture, likes and dislikes. I have a
limited grasp of French, but hopefully, I can improve with your help!
Love animals, music, films, reading, this planet. Drop me a line

Claire,41 from Hampshire (England)
Hi, single lady looking to correspond with you brave men! Have travelled a lot
and lived abroad for many years so know what it's like to be away from home!
Love cooking, photography, films, 80's music. Have a witty sense of humour,
good to chat about life, work and leisure!

Sharon, 41 from Yorkshire (England)
Hi looking for a male pen pal aged 42 to 50 into music sports movies etc

Teresa, 40 from West Midlands (England)
I'm a fun loving lady with a wicked sense of humour I like out door activities
and adventures although some are not planned yes that's mischievous I know
my way around an Xbox and can tell a screw driver from a spanner lol

Paula,39 from Devon (England)
I'm a easy going single mum, I'm reliable, cuddy with a wide sense of humour,
I'm looking for someone to write to, love long letters, reading, walks along a beach

Laura,39 from Yorkshire (England)
Hi, I love cricket and motor bikes, I adore a good cheese board and I bake a damn good
lemon drizzle cake! Up for friendship or whatever, I like a good laugh but have
a good ear as well

Marlene,38 from London (England)
Lead a busy, crazy social life as well as working. Hoping to talk to men who
are looking to strike up new friendships. I'm a black female. BBW. Love good
conversation. Reading and my love is cooking and entertaining.
Love football too. Hope to chat soon

Brandy, 36 from Texas
American girl looking to make friends in the UK. Male and female.
I'm a single mom. I love movies, books, theatre, Cross Fit and Disney!

Laura,34 from Essex (England)
I would like to correspond with people from all over and would love to
make some new friends. I live with my son and my partner.

Kirsty,33 from Sussex (England)
I am a fun, down to earth person who would like to help boost morale
for our brave troops! Can prove provide laughs and support any time

Annette, 32 from London (England)
Hi, Young at heart wishing to build friendships that go beyond the UK boundaries.
My first passion is Jesus Christ. My second is Arsenal FC. What's yours?

Sylvia,31 from Botswana
I am an open minded and friendly lady who likes meeting new people
and learning about different cultures!

Lindsey, 31 from Yorkshire (England)
Kind caring outgoing bubbly lady looking to chat and make friends,
love walking/coast/holidays, also busy mum of 3 but plenty of free time

Leanne,29 from UK
British woman seeking penpal from US or Canada. Fun loving and passionate about
travelling and life. Would love to share my experiences and learn of yours.

Jo, 28 British Army
Just looking for people to chat with and get to know

Becky,27 from Hampshire (England)
Hi, I'm blonde with hazel eyes. Caring, loyal and bubbly always
looking out for others. Enjoy spending time with friends and family.

Tara,27 from Sussex (England)
Hi, friendly, loyal and chatty girl, with good sense of humour. Looking to make
some new pals from anywhere. Interests are spending time with family,
reading, movies, Tudor history, making jewellery

Tanvi, 27 from India
Hey there, I'm a recent graduate from Mumbai. Possibly a borderline nerd,
Love a good laugh, voracious reader and enjoy good music (irrespective of genre).
Looking forward to making friends and sharing experiences

Sheryl, 26 from Cumbria (England)
Hello everyone! I'm a midwife in Newcastle where I live when I am working but I go
home to Carlisle when I'm not. I have thought about this for sometime but finally
plucking up the courage with hope in finding some lovely new like minded pen pal friends.
Would love it if we could send letters. Nothing nicer than receiving a handwritten letter.
My interests include crafting, baking, charity shops, vintage finds, dresses, and clouds.
I have been a fan of coloured hair but I have to keep things pretty normal for work - boo!!!
Anyway, I will stop babbling on. Hope I haven't bored you too much and I hope to
hear from others within the UK soon

Claire,23 from Bristol (England)
I just want to practice my hand writing ;) Jokes aside, after visiting a ship in Devonport
I realised how isolating it must be sometimes. I just thought I would sign up on a
whim to see if I can entertain anyone with my own life!

Kayleigh, 21 from Tennessee
I am a vegetarian who enjoys storm chasing. I am shy but would like to make friends.

Nicola,20 from UK
I am a student, and a creative and bubbly person, looking to make more friends.
I love writing and reading, spending time with friends and family.

Yana, 19 from Blairgowrie (Scotland)
Originally from Bulgaria, living in Scotland since 2007. I am a 5'6, dark blonde,
green eyed girl who loves to write and is looking to meet new people and hopefully
put a smile on someone's face. I hope to become a Neonatal Nurse after completing
my studies. I also have a passion for nature, animals and the outdoors, as well as
cooking, reading and writing. I am very happy, honest and trustful. I have always
dreamed of sending and receiving letters, though I'm more than happy with emails.
Get in touch if you'd like to know more.

Alice, 19 from Devon (England)
Hi, I am a single mum to my beautiful daughter Lily Rose. We enjoy snuggle days
on the sofa watching films and eating lots of junk! Being a single parent can get lonely
at times so it would be nice to have someone to talk to and get to know!

Nikita, 18 from Worcestershire (England)
Friendly and warm personality, looking for someone to have interesting
conversations with. I enjoy sports, social events and horse riding.

Maria, 18 from Russia
Hi, I like reading, watching movies, listening to music, playing guitar, paint. Every piece of what you see, observe, what you excited about, what you glimpsed or felt merge together in a great euphony.

Martina, 17 from Italy
Hi, I like too many things.. Books, music, TV. I'm searching for a penpal to talk
about anything. I could like to know new cultures and people. Write me

Natalie,17 from Tyne and Wear (England)
Hi, I'm currently a business studies apprentice for the NHS. I love animals
and reading, I have two dogs that I love taking to the beach. I would love someone
to talk to and maybe make some new friends at the same time.

Jess, 16 from Herefordshire (England)
Down to earth, normal girl looking for a different way to meet new people


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