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Terry,72 from Northamptonshire (England)
I am a retired farmer/ contractor well travelled. I have enjoyed construction projects as in my house and aircraft etc. I would love to correspond with a nice lady

Bojidar,68 from Devon (England)
Hi, I am a Bulgarian Widower for the last 45 years I have been living in England. I am 5'5" tall, medium built, fair complexion, boldish genuine, sincere, easy going person. I am retired living in my own house have car, I like most things in life

Keith,56 from Japan
It was a hurried move to Japan. It has proved to be very different to Blackpool. I teach Chemistry. I am interested in, history and sci-fi, and I love pens.

Paul.55 from West Midlands (England)
I'm a divorcee (very recent). I have a daughter, a granddaughter and a broken heart. I'm not sure what I want out of this but I need to keep moving forward. I talk and laugh easily and, although I'm not an extreme extrovert, I enjoy good company. I also need alone time but not at this difficult stage of my life. I am not a financial good bet at present but I am self supporting and half owner of a house. I am interested in everything especially kindness, friendship, nature and wine. I am physically fit and am "enthusiastic" about racquet sports and also walking.

David,55 from West Midlands (England)
Hello, I'm looking for female friends with shared interests, I love writing and am into rock music, the cinema, the outdoors, my mountain bike. I'm a friendly person and caring, I particularly love Canada and its wonderful people.

James, 52 from New York
I am a nice chap living in USA, New York City to be precise! I love classical music and, I am a inventor with a patent just issued on my sports device! I would love to chat with any of the interesting and beautiful ladies of the world!

Richmond,52 from USA
Optimistically cautious would be a good way to describe me. I'm reserved at first until I get to know a person so I prefer a talkative person to balance me. I am loyal, trustworthy and a friend to the end. Most people like me because I'm dependable and keep my word.

Simon,44 from Buckinghamshire (England)
Hello from England. I would love to find the missing piece to my jigsaw puzzle to make me complete, are you out there ??? Love to travel & all sports

Michael,43 British Army
I am a Male who is in the British Army and serving abroad and would like to write and see if we get on.

Michael,43 from UK
Married but lonely... not sure how that has worked out but I am lol. Looking for friends to chat with by email regularly. I am into sports, movies, music. I would like to think I am kind, a good listener, I don't judge and happy to chat about anything. So if you need a new friend, you know what to do.. I am waiting for your mail…

Jason,43 from Yorkshire (England)
Hi, I'm an easy going guy likes movies music looking to correspond with a female

Dima,41 from Russia
Hi, I have two kids and I'm divorced and I'm a doctor I like poetry music internet and English

John,40 RAF
I am down here with hundreds of guys, it would be nice to have some female correspondence for a change and maybe have some fun. I'm reasonably fit and single.

Tim,39 from London (England)
Tall, blonde, currently single male in London. Would like to chat with girls, women and anyone else from around the world. Contact me, you won't be disappointed.

Phil, 39 from Utah
Seeking friends or more from overseas. Let's chat! I'm a sucker for an accent!

Andy, 39 from Norfolk (England)
Hi I love everything American and Canadian and would like to get chatting
to any females from that region. See where it goes. Just love the accents

Nick, 37 from Hampshire (England)
Hi, I have come to this site to find more friends from the USA. I have been
over once and am planning many more trips over then next few years.
Love the place and people.

Martyn,36 from Lancashire (England)
A mere 30 words? Ok looking for female penpals to write to via traditional snail mail. Love reading, music, films and much more. I enjoy learning more about people.

Mark,33 from Washington
Hi, I'm looking to make friends across the pond. I live in Seattle.

Drew,33 from Alberta
I am about 6'4" and slim, with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. I love making new friends, and I have a weakness for having nice pleasant
conversation with pleasant people.

Jose,30 US Army
I'm currently overseas and looking for a pen pal to pass the time thanks in advance

Laurence, 29 British Army
I would like to expand my friend network and meet new, fun and interesting people. I'm easy going, love music and like intellectual conversation

Charlie,28 from Florida
Served as a Corporal in the Marine Corps, Really into history, music, sports, and writing. I love to surf and play pool/guitar.

James,27 from Hampshire (England)
English man, looking for American girl

Andrew,26 British Army
Served for 7 years been a few places and its nice to chat to people who appreciate what we do

Jordan,26 from London (England)
I'm Welsh but now live and work in London. I thought it might be fun to
meet someone new this way? Fun or weird? I haven't quite decided yet!

Calum,25 British Army
Young soldier looking to talk to woman. Like all sports, tennis, badminton football.
Like swimming keeping fit. Like going to cinema, reading. Walking staying in.
Like to travel meet new people. Small height but all good things
come in small packages

Richard,24 from Essex (England)
Hi, I'm into technology and music, I would like to hear from
somebody that likes cats and into the same interests as me.

James, 24 Royal Navy
Chef in the Royal Navy going away soon and just want to make some
friends before going away so you can keep me sane on the trip

Tareeq, 23 US Prisoner
Hi, I'm single with no children. I'm a college student born in Jamaica W.I but currently
living in America. I'm really just looking for friends that are interesting and fun to talk to.
My hobbies are body building, soccer, cooking and reading.

Idryss,22 from France
Hi, I am a guy from Paris. I study English and economy at university. My hobbies are singing, acting, reading, writing, hanging out and much more

Dan,21 from Suffolk (England)
Hello all! I'm Dan, single and a English gentleman. Looking for a lady who can hold a conversation, make me laugh and smile. If that's you then please get in touch

Liam,20 British Army
Hobbies, gym boxing football going out with mates partying,
from Ellesmere Port but live in Catterick now if you want to know
more just send me a message

Martin,18 from Utah
Am an American living in Utah just looking for friends abroad (particularly The UK,
where I hope to live someday) who can show me new cultures and personalities :)
love to write letters or e-mail!

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Females • Be sure to make a note of the reference number of any members you are interested in contacting.
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Sonia,72 from Cheshire (England)
Hello I am a widow, I am very active and enjoy sewing, painting, crocheting and gardening.

Liz,70 from Lincolnshire (England)
Retired university educated lady living in a remote rural area so it can get lonely at times. Keep busy though gardening, dog walking, wine making, knitting, cooking, reading, caravanning. Would like to correspond with a "gentleman" for an uncomplicated friendship.

Dorothea, 65 from Edinburgh (Scotland)
Active, slim, cultured and attractive Scottish doctor's widow would like to correspond with fine, upstanding single American gentleman over 70 from similar background with interests in the Arts and Culture.

Judith,60 from Dorset (England)
Widowed July 2015 very suddenly and unexpectedly. Would love to chat to people to keep my sanity!! Have just started replaying the piano. I have GSOH.

Lou,59 from UK
Hello! I'm a Lady working for one of the U.K. emergency services. I love rock music, cooking, family time. I'm very honest with a great sense of humour whilst sitting on Gods conveyor belt of creation he must of gone on a break because I am way under height for my body still I'm told by all who know me I'm pretty witty and a pleasure to be with and that will do for me!

Sandra,57 from Ohio
I am an easy going laid back type individual. I work in health care, but I do private duty so I don't meet many people. I have always been interested in the UK. I have never been there personally

Rhonda,55 from USA
Divorced American female. No kids. Two dogs. Lots of family. Living in Los Angeles that watches lots of BBC television.

Karen,53 from Florida
I have been to England in the past and would like to know more about the culture, first hand. I love animals and travelling.

Frances,51 from Scotland
Hi, single female looking to add to her pen pals / friends. Just a down to earth lass, I believe in being true to myself and loyal to my friends. Work in retail, love to chat but also a good listener. Interests include, reading, sewing & craftwork, the outdoors especially the coast, mixture of music but favour Bruce Springsteen and Motown, theatre shows and more ... I don't smoke or drink alcohol so don't really go to pubs unless to eat. Would like to travel more than I do so love to hear about different places and cultures.

Debbie,51 from Essex (England)
Happy single lady regular job regular life looking to get to know more people and widen my friendships

Gail,51 from West Midlands (England)
Happy to communicate with anyone. Love the idea of travel but never have. I am hoping to learn a little about other cultures through correspondence

Lindsay,50 from Western Australia
Hi I'm a tall Aussie farmer, blond and blue eyed genuine, honest and reliable. My interests are the outdoors, music, animals, reading, movies and I am well travelled. I'd like to write to ladies from 33 up

Funmilayo, 49 from London (England)
I am a lovely person, brown eyes, light chocolate skin, 5'9", I love to laugh with a sense of humour and I love to talk and share feelings, I love old school music a lot and finally movies, its great to know and meet people apart from London and I don't know why I love US.

Carolann,45 from West Lothian (Scotland)
Fun loving, love making new friends, also love reading and writing letters as well. I've got a very spoilt cat called Darcy and 3 tanks of fancy goldfish which all have names, mad I know but thats just me.

Suzie,45 from Monmouthshire (Wales)
Hi I am a single lady, I enjoy interaction with guys but find pubs too noisy and full of kids these days. looking initially for some banter & if Mr Right came along all good.

Lynne,44 from Herefordshire (England)
Hello, I'm a happy go lucky woman. I smile easy and love seeing people laugh. I see good before bad. If you'd like to write...please do so.

Julie,43 from Essex (England)
Hi, I'm divorced, good sense of humour, looking for penpals in USA and UK to broaden horizons.

Rebecca,41 from Suffolk (England)
Hi I'm looking to meet new people and have some fun adventures. Wherever they may lead me to. Love to travel. So much of the world I would love to see and discover. Happy and chilled kinda person always finding the positives even in the darkest of situations. Life's far too short not to.

Amanda,41 from Sussex (England)
Hi, I am looking to meet new friends overseas. I like reading, films, animals & the countryside

Pamela,40 from Kent (England)
Like to laugh and enjoy the small treasures in life as well as big adventures.Feel I am quite intelligent (no scientist mind), independent and strong person, and am proud of who I am. Am an avid animal lover I have 2 dogs and a horse.

Lena,37 from Teeside (England)
Hey there, me in 30 words, wouldn't knw where to start! Lol. But if anybody is interested and feels like saying hi then don't be shy! :) thought I'd try on here and see if I get to meet some interesting people without the hassle of leaving my couch! Lol. Okay to get you interested love life, food, new experiences and challenges... Your turn??

Kenia,35 from Texas
Hi, I'm a single woman, no children, I work in accounting, love to laugh, down-to-earth. I write about everything and nothing. Love travel to U.K. Will make a very dear friend.

Kelly,33 from London (England)
Hi, I'm a qualified teacher and writer, I have a 2 year old son. I am married but happily separated from my husband at present. I love the personal touch of friendship via letter I've have a number of penpals across the globe which I have built and maintained strong friendships with over the years. I can speak/read/write in French to an intermediate level and would be happy to write to those who speak French and English. I love to read, learn about history, keep up with current affairs, fashion design/sewing, make up artistry, music, film, cooking and lots more. I'm after long term friendship I'm open to male and female penpals- that said I'm NOT going out my way to look for romance. I'm open minded, down to earth, pretty liberal and happy to talk and about any and everything in letters. All races, gay and straight pals anywhere in the world welcome.

Ruth,33 from Northumberland (England)
I work in travel and I'm away from home a lot, so thought this would be a great way
of making new friends, perhaps leading to more, who knows! I'm 5ft 8, have dark hair
and brown eyes. I love music, sports, working out, cooking and socialising when I get
the chance, I try not to take life too seriously unless I have to. Would love to hear
from any genuine people who love a good conversation. Speak soon

Sally,29 from UK
In a long term relationship so not looking for anything other than friendship. If you want to know anything let me know

Helen,28 from Warwickshire (England)
Fun loving mum of two. Part time nursing aid. Offering my spare time to write or email to make someone's day that little bit better.

Kay,28 from Lancashire (England)
Hi here to meet new friends, caring, funny random

Holly,25 from UK
I have M.E. (basically my body is very weak, I get tired easily, but my mind is sharp) and have been bed bound for a year. I would love to talk to someone who wants to lift my spirits and understands what it's like to be stuck indoors when you dream of being outside and free! I don't want to share endless complaints - I want more to be a support to you and be supported by you, so we can help each other through any difficult stuff and hopefully just make each others lives a little brighter as we go!

Kristy,23 from UK
Hi, I've been in forces all my life and now would love to talk to someone who may want random chats or is lonely

Louise,23 from UK
Love emailing and writing to people keeping them company as have I've had family in a similar position!

Korie,21 from USA
Hi, I am easy going and open minded

Portia,20 from Lincolnshire (England)
Hi, I'm wanting to travel meeting new friends along the way

Maria, 18 from Russia
Hi, I like reading, watching movies, listening to music, playing guitar, paint. Every piece of what you see, observe, what you excited about, what you glimpsed or felt merge together in a great euphony.

Jordan,17 from Cambridgeshire (England)
Hi, I love animals, listening to music. Watching films. I'm about to start am apprenticeship in health care.Looking to chat with other girls by email and post.


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