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Noel,66 from Northamptonshire (England)
Although retired do not feel my age. Easy going and laid back type of guy.
Interests include Walking, The Outdoors, Eating Out, Gardening,
Music especially The Sixties and Motown.

Johnny,51 US Navy
I am an easy going person with a very bubbly sense of humour, I am also
a very good listener. I love animals, and I like to take long evening walks
with them on the beach at sunset. I am honest, truthful and kind.
I like reading, writing, swimming

Richmond,50 from California
I enjoy life sometimes having to really plan my events and activities. I'm looking
for someone who looks at a person's heart and morals. I'm a believer in "God"
and live by those principles. Who is to say at this stage in maturity we still have
the hope of partnership. The only benefit at this stage of my life is to capture
my love heart. What about You?

Jason,49 from South Dakota
Hi, I'm a dual national (American-British). I love history and travel.
Looking for someone to befriend and get to know with similar interests.

David,46 from Hampshire (England)
Hi, I'm single, I love Arsenal FC and I love the
Manic Street Preachers. Looking for people to chat to.

Victor, 46 from London England
London Guy…..Looking for an easy going female friend. I am a bubbly
handsome man. I love to chat with a great sense of humour but I can
also tackle serious stuff. Love romantic films and stand-up comedy.
I love walking in the park and a good old laugh

Eric,46 from Nebraska
Single American dude into mellow music, foreign films, coffee, mysteries
& all things British. If you're caring, open and understanding, please write or email!

Christopher, 43 from Lincolnshire (England)
Just looking for a decent woman, who likes the simple things in life…love, romance,
cuddles on the sofa, walks, a few drinks out. Looking for honesty, love and a
best friend…..maybe asking too much lol. Drop me a line if you like what you read…
I promise I won't bite.

Andrew,41 from Cambridgeshire (England)
Hi, I'm a UK police officer looking to chat to US females,
military preferably, but will reply to all

Matt,39 from Manchester (England)
I am 5'10" tall, slim. I love keeping fit and my hobbies are
running and the outdoors. I also enjoy the cinema and eating out.
I am seeking a nice lady to share my life with

John, 39 from Texas
I am a black gentleman, honest and down-to-earth, with high sense of humour.
I am looking to make new friends from people from UK and the world over as I
normally spent my vacations in the UK every year, I hold a bachelor degree and
work as a correction officer for the state of Texas

Frankie,33 British Army
Scottish soldier based in Tidworth looking for people to chat to by email/snail mail

Jamie, 33 British Army
Hi, currently deployed for 9 months. And looking for chat. Letters/emails etc.
Tall, Brown hair Officer, Would love to hear from any ladies. Tell me about yourself

Barney, 26 Royal Navy
Hi, we are a group of single guys, aged 19-32, who are currently serving in the Gulf and we would love to have some letters from home to help maintain morale while we are away serving Queen and country. Interested?

Christopher,30 from Yorkshire (England)
I am a friendly and sociable individual. I like to meet new people and enjoy making
people see themselves in a positive way. I am 6ft 1 inch, of African-Caribbean descent,
brown skin, slim, and handsome. Contact me to find out more

Daniel,30 British Army
Fun, outgoing bloke in need of morale and cheering up, 6ft, blonde,
blue eyes up for a laugh and always up for a good time, write me

Scott,30 British Army
Currently serving in Afghanistan, looking to fill my time
with something to do. So why not get writing

Kevin,29 from Oxfordshire (England)
Hey :), I'm interested in writing, martial arts and music. I like meeting people
and socialising, don't like rudeness, would love to hear from an American young lady

Jon,29 RAF
Hello I'm currently deployed to Afghanistan. Looking for a pen pal to write to while I'm away.

Laurence, 27 British Army
My mother forced me upon this site as she told me I need to get out the house more,
get a wife and some children and move out of her garage…lol, Just kidding.
7 years in Army, PTI, fun, spontaneous and cheeky

Donald,27 from Louisiana
I am from New Orleans and am I looking to speak to intelligent
females 21 and older. I like money and R&B music as well as people
who don't judge. My hobbies include reading and writing.

Barney, 26 Royal Navy
Hi, we are a group of single guys, aged 19-32, who are currently serving in the Gulf and we would love to have some letters from home to help maintain morale while we are away serving Queen and country. Interested?

Michael, 24 British Army
I am now based near London. I'm a Cpl Medic that tends to go up and
down the country at the moment. Would love to live in America one day.
I have been over there twice now and really enjoyed. Also love the
female American accent. Doing another trip there soon.

Nick,23 from North Carolina
I'm a fireman and just wanting to meet someone of another country I think it would be cool

Barney, 26 Royal Navy
Hi, we are a group of single guys, aged 19-32, who are currently serving in the Gulf and we would love to have some letters from home to help maintain morale while we are away serving Queen and country. Interested?

Thomas,21 from Lancashire (England)
A fun guy who just wants to make new friends! I love music, travel and food.

James, 20 Royal Navy
Currently serving in the Royal Navy as a weapon engineer submariner.
Also on the Royal Navy Boxing squad. I am from Blackpool and I am interested
in getting to know a female inmate and trading life experiences.

Tom,19 from Wiltshire (England)
Hello, Tom is the name. I am hugely into music! I would like to hear from you!

Walt,19 US Marines
Hi, I was born and raised in New York. At the age of 17 I enlisted into the
Marine corps. I am currently stationed in California and love to learn
about me world culture.

Natalie,17 from Tyne and Wear (England)
Hi, I'm currently a business studies apprentice for the NHS. I love animals
and reading, I have two dogs that I love taking to the beach. I would love someone
to talk to and maybe make some new friends at the same time.

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Females • Be sure to make a note of the reference number of any members you are interested in contacting.
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Maria, 69 from Derbyshire (England)
I am a widow, Spanish by birth. I like history, nature, art, Photoshop and
writing for exchanging opinions, experiences and ideas. I look, think and
act younger than my age!

Penny, 64 from Ontario
I am a 64 year young personable lady. I have been widowed for two years now
and would like to correspond with an intelligent British man with a great sense
of humour. My husband was from Liverpool and we were together for 35 years
so I am well prepared for this! I like to go to the gym, swimming, I love to go up
north in the fall and I do knitting. Most of all I like to laugh.
This is all new to me, but also an adventure.

Gwen,62 from Cambridgeshire (England)
I am a 62 year old retired married woman. Looking for female friends from
any country to converse with and widen my circle of friends. I have been
married to David for 41 years and have 2 daughters. I require female penfriends
only as I find it hard to converse with men outside my immediate family circle.

Marian,55 from Newport (Wales)
Hi, single Mother of 4 boys, all growing up. Would like friendship

Andrea,50 from Hampshire (England)
Hi I am a kind, caring, sensitive funny lady with time on her hands who
would love to communicate with new friends across the globe, who also
have time on your hands. I really do look forward to hearing from you soon

Denise, 49 from Essex (England)
Hi, I have been a widow for a few years. I'm looking for male or female friends.
I love two football teams. I like gardening, baking, cooking, theatre, travel,
knitting, walking amongst many others

Angela,48 from Sussex (England)
Hi, I'm a 6' honest, happy woman who loves to laugh. Like being
outdoors, animals and scary films. I like all types of music
and often go to concerts

Rachel,46 from Cambridgeshire (England)
Hi, I am separated, have been for 3 1/2 years. I do have "baggage "
as it is known within HM forces. Ask and I answer honestly

Penny,45 from Manchester (England)
I am looking for long-lasting friendships, maybe more with the right person.
Interested in the theatre, cinema, keeping fit and having fun.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Angela,44 from Northamptonshire (England)
Well, what to say….single, independent female, here to chat
and have a laugh or just talk rubbish if you so wish.
Essay writing not my forte

Traci,44 from West Virginia
I am a friendly outgoing person who loves to talk to everyone.
I love to get to know people from different places.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Katherine, 44 from Warwickshire (England)
Hi, it would be great to chat to you and offer support in the
way of email to hopefully brighten your days out there in
the field. You all do a fantastic job!

Nicole,44 from Connecticut
I am a truly fun loving person, I hate to be bored. I want to meet
someone with similar interests to bring us back to life!!

Kerry,43 from Yorkshire (England)
Hi, just looking for people to correspond with for now. I am a single
mum to 3 boys. I love to laugh and find humour in most things. I like
to read.. a lot :) watch comedies & sci-fi but not horror.. Too much of
a scardy cat! Contact me if you would like a friend and someone to chat with

Laine,41 from Tyne and Wear (England)
What you see is what you get love to chat and laugh work hard so enjoy having fun

Elizabeth, 37 from Newport (Wales)
You're only here once and I honestly believe life is for living!
I love socialising, theatre, eating out, being active

Janet,36 from Yorkshire (England)
Hi, I am looking for pen pals / friends male or female, I work in a office as
a Sales Administrator and have 2 pets a kitten called Whiskers and a
Rabbit Primrose, I would say I am a loyal trustworthy friend and a good listener
I have a good sense of humour and am looking forward to getting to know you

Laura,34 from Kent (England)
I am a science teacher from Kent, originally from London. Looking to talk
to soldiers who are doing their part to keep us safe! Like a giggle, good with
the banter but jokes need a little work. Fancy a chat give me a whirl!

Hope,33 from Manchester (England)
Hi, I'm a single mum of one, lives with my parents and one of two younger
sisters and my daughter. I work for Morrisons part time. In spare time I like
watching TV, going to cinema and shopping

Emma,33 from West Midlands (England)
Hey! I am into films and reading. I love sci-fi! I love going to the cinema
and comedy shows. Looking to make new friends, hopefully more

Cassie,30 from Brighton (England)
I enjoy writing letters/emails and can chat for England, have made
some good friends doing this before and writing to forces abroad
and thought it was time I started again

Hannah,28 from UK
Hi, I live in the North of England. Looking to get in touch with people
both in UK and overseas. Please get in touch I will tell you more

Hannah,27 from British Columbia
Hello! I am an English girl who has just moved to British Columbia
(45 minutes outside Vancouver). All my friends are back in England
so I was hoping to make some new friends in North America. I am
friendly, kind and enjoy having fun, visiting new places and revisiting old places!

Kelly, 26 from California
Looking to expand my horizons with a pen pal. Love and
consume all things comedy. I enjoy cooking and yoga.

Rachel, 26 from Victoria (Australia)
I love meeting new people and I enjoy making people laugh.
I wanted to do this so that I could have the opportunity to lift
someone's spirits by being a much needed friend.

Catherine, 23 from Wales
Hi, postgrad looking for people to talk to

Jaz,23 from Essex (England)
The names Jaz, I love chatting to anyone

Charlotte, 22 from UK
Bubbly blonde girl, currently running an equine yard
and modelling. Looking to have a bit of banter!

Gioia, 22 from London (England)
Hi, lover of music, literature, cooking and baking (and eating way too much dough
in the process of doing so), travel and interesting people. Hater of upper case
(unless used for emphasis) of having to summarise one's personality in a thirty words.

Tilly,20 from UK
I'm in my third year of university looking for some new people to
talk to. I'm very chatty and I love to travel and learning about new cultures

Mara,19 from Invergordon (Scotland)
I'm Optimistic, Ambitious, Creative and friendly. I work as a
Marketing Consultant, enjoy getting to know new people.
I love sport, baking and films - If you want to talk get in contact


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