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Female 21 • Be sure to make a note of the reference number of any members you are interested in contacting.
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Rianna,21 from London (England)
Hi, I'm a black British girl from London looking to make new friends from around the world. I have a whole range of interests and can't wait to starting meeting people

Charlie,21 from Nottinghamshire (England)
Hi, I love the idea of making friendships across the big pond to the USA! I'm a happy, chatty person!

Louise,21 from Wales
I'm currently a second year student at university. In love reading, swimming and
walks. I'm friendly and love meeting new people. I would like to hear from someone
who has a good sense of humour, kind and isn't afraid to speak their mind

Emma,21 from Devon (England)
Hi, I'm 5'5. Blonde hair and blue eyes. I've only just found out you can
write to people serving add would like to give them company and
something to look forward to.

Sophie,21 from Berkshire (England)
I'm hoping to make some new friends

Sophie, 21 from Kent (England)
Hi, I'm fun kind and bubbly. ( hate bugging myself up) I work 6 days a week so
don't get out often to meet new people friends or more. I am a loyal, honest girl
and really feel I could benefit you guys or girls who are away looking after our
country who want some company :) I'm white, British :)

Olivia,21 from Derbyshire (England)
I'm a bubbly, single girl who's looking for some new friends to chat to. I love music,
reading and films and think there's nothing better than letting go and having fun.

Rachel, 21 from Tyne and Wear (England)
Hi, laid back, witty and light hearted. Well-read and travelled. A writer by trade
and a singer by talent! Also have lovely handwriting!

Paige, 21 from Newcastle (England)
I'm fun, bubbly full of life, immature at times, but who isn't?? :) I work in a nursery
looking after children 1-2 years and absolutely love it. I've lived all over the place,
as dad was in army so spent 10 years in Germany. Now finally settled in Newcastle.

Jade,21 from Hertfordshire (England)
I live in North London and work in a pet supermarket. Love to just chill out and have a good gossip ha ha.

Sharon,21 from Shropshire (England)
Hey, I'm married, with a 2 year old daughter. I'm a happy, cheeky, person who is
always up for a good laugh and joke, I don't get offended easily!!...can be a big
kid sometimes, but also be quite serious, that's the mom British Penpals - UK, USA and Worldwide Penpalsin me. But I'm like most
21 year olds, just up for a good laugh. Looking for someone to have a good
friendship with, keep company while deployed, send whatever they may need

Billie,21 from London (England)
I am 5' 6" slim build. I like a laugh, romance, cuddles, conversations!
Want a decent chat with a decent man. Mmmmmwaaaaa

Georgia,21 from Cambridgeshire (England)
I'm a hairdresser so I've always got something to talk about, I have dark hair
and green eyes, I spend a lot of time going out with friends and I love to travel
“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

Kallie,21 from Cambridgeshire (England)
Hi, I'm a straight, single female, an entertainer for a holiday camp which
involves singing, dancing and basically making a doughnut of myself
I love meeting new people and spending time with family and friends.
I'm not very good at writing this sort of stuff, so if you want any more
information get in touch

Victoria,21 from Kent (England)
I'm a 5'2", happy, bubbly Kentish girl. I'm looking to write
to anyone in the British forces. Will reply to all

Toni,21 from Cwmbran (Wales)
Hi, I like to read, watch films and play games. Looking to find interesting people to talk to.

Jocelyn,21 from Kent (England)
Not exactly sure what to write here. Just in my first year at uni and have too
much free time! Have been told I talk far too much! I like music, films, drama,
classics etc. plus have a rather sarky sense of humour - swear I'm lovely really!!

Ella,21 from Bedfordshire (England)
I think every person is interesting so get in touch if you would like to receive some words

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Female 22 • Be sure to make a note of the reference number of any members you are interested in contacting.
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Zarah,22 from Wiltshire (England)
I'm a positive person who is happy to talk to different people in different situations.
I hope you can. Talk to me please

Rebecca,22 from Hampshire (England)
Hey, I'm engaged, working at McDonald's , also I'm going back to college to
do my English GCSE. I'm pretty shy but would love to have someone to chat to

Alex, 22 from Flintshire (Wales)
Non judgemental and I like people for who they are. Willing to be a good friend to anybody

Charlotte, 22 from UK
Bubbly blonde girl, currently running an equine yard
and modelling. Looking to have a bit of banter!

Gioia, 22 from London (England)
Hi, lover of music, literature, cooking and baking (and eating way too much dough
in the process of doing so), travel and interesting people. Hater of upper case
(unless used for emphasis) of having to summarise one's personality in a thirty words.

Kirsty,22 from Warwickshire (England)
I'm slightly shy but I will always say what's on my mind. I'm a natural blonde
so I do sometimes have the moments that go with that, I'm looking for new
and interesting people to talk to, I've also got a bit of a temper when pushed
I'm sarcastic and I've got a bit of a twisted sense of humour

Megan,22 from Derbyshire (England)
Working with horses all around the world. Fun, honest, polite, looking
to make some friends, good listener and genuine.

Chantel,22 from Cheshire (England)
I'm a fun, outgoing person who is easy to talk to. I like music, films
and being with friends. Looking for people with similar
personalities/interests to talk to

Rhiannon, 22 from Wirral (England)
In the middle on my law degree, going crazy ATM with boredom, can't wait to Russia in April!

Gemma,22 from UK
Happy go lucky woman looking to speak with new and interesting people from all walks of life.

Rachael,22 from Birmingham (England)
Looking for a few penpals, send mail & maybe pictures.
As I have family in the army & know it gets lonely.

Vicki,22 from Dundee (Scotland)
Hi, I'm a single mum who works full time and looking for a pen pal.
Some of my friends write to people and have become great friends
through writing. I'm looking for some company and have a good laugh
and hopefully I can make you smile in the process

Kirstie,22 from Middlesex (England)
Hi, I'm a university student studying sports looking for someone
interesting to talk to. I love movies, baking, dancing and would
love to talk to soldiers in need of a morale boost

Bethan,22 from Bedfordshire (England)
Hi, I've just become self employed, my work takes up a lot of my time and leaves
little spare for a social life at the moment. So I'm hoping I can meet some people
to have a giggle with and get to know. Make some friends and maybe even find that
special someone, if he's out there somewhere! I'm slim, long dark hair, blue eyes
and I never disappoint

Robyn,22 from County Down (N Ireland)
Hi guys :) I'm a 5'6" half Italian bundle of joy! I have long dark (naturally) hair
and eyes, olive skin and I'm medium build. I'm single, from Belfast and
would love to hear from anyone interested

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Female 23 Be sure to make a note of the reference number of any members you are interested in contacting.
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Bonnie,23 from Oxfordshire (England)
H, I'm Bo! Young, friendly girl just wanting to put a smile on someone's face!

Claire,23 from Bristol (England)
I just want to practice my hand writing ;) Jokes aside, after visiting a ship in Devonport
I realised how isolating it must be sometimes. I just thought I would sign up on a
whim to see if I can entertain anyone with my own life!

Catherine, 23 from Wales
Hi, postgrad looking for people to talk to

Jaz,23 from Essex (England)
The names Jaz, I love chatting to anyone

Christina, 23 from Hampshire (England)
I'm a carer who admires people in the armed forces. Would like to chat as many
elderly I care for have also been in the armed forces. Emails or letters all welcome
and I will ALWAYS reply :) can't wait to chat to some of you

Ingrid,23 from Edinburgh (Scotland)
I'm originally from Australia, and have just moved to Scotland. Love reading
and writing a good letter, and would love to hear from all people

Hannah,23 from Bristol (England)
I don't want to throw all the cliché's out there but I try to live with no regrets.
I'm outgoing and easy to talk too. I play netball, love to travel and watch sport.
Willing to help boost morale.

Katherine,23 from Stirlingshire (Scotland)
I'm fun, friendly and up for a laugh (plus, I'm really good at sending great care
packages, as long as you don't mind glitter). I drink pints, am much more
eloquent in writing than in person, and watch shit TV.

Rebecca,23 from Dorset (England)
Hello. I am outgoing, honest, open minded, and I always speak my mind.
I am bit of a bookworm and I love to write and that’s why I thought I look for a penpal

Lizzy,23 from Stirlingshire (Scotland)
Hi, I'm a female with travelling in my blood, I'm interested in meeting new
people from all walks of life, I love making new friends but am missing the
chat from my American counterparts! I love all things Texan but I am open to
talking with anyone who wishes to talk with me

Jade,23 from Somerset (England)
I am a down to earth person, who loves a laugh… I have tattoos and
a few piercings but nothing to major (I don’t think) I like reading, cooking,
going out just the usual I guess…

Emily,23 from UK
I dream of travelling, exploring, and adventure. I love art, music,
theatre, books, drinking. I love to laugh & try new things.
I don't know what else to say..

Stephanie, 23 from Middlesex (England)
I'm soon to be a student nurse, I enjoy hanging with friends and family
and going to the cinema, shopping and all things nice :) looking forward
to being a penpal for someone in the US and UK forces!

Amy, 23 from Liverpool (England)
Hi I'm currently preparing to go into my final year at university hoping to
become a teacher would love to emigrate at some point looking for
new friends across the world

Annisha, 23 from Essex (England)
Looking to make someone out there working hard smile.

Emma,23 from Derbyshire (England)
Hi, training to be a secondary English School Teacher, living in
Manchester, but prefers to be back out in the countryside. I like to go
out and having a good laugh. I love watching Rugby. Feel free to get in touch.

Rebecca, 23 from London (England)
Hey, just looking to write to someone serving in the Forces
away from home. Looking to make someone smile!!

Kate, 23 from Yorkshire (England)
Hi, I'm single, brunette and blue eyed. I want to write to
British lads in UK forces. I will respond to all letters/emails

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Female 24 • Be sure to make a note of the reference number of any members you are interested in contacting.
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Justine,24 from Falkirk (Scotland)
Fun, bubbly blonde who loves a laugh and good banter. Looking for friendship only

Kirsty,24 from Warwickshire (England)
Not long out of a relationship just looking for someone to talk
to. I am honest and fun, also have a four year-old son

Emma,24 from Cheshire (England)
Short and sweet often called a hobbit by my family and friends. I love walking,
reading, sewing and drawing. Looking for someone to talk to and get to know

Rebecca, 24 from Yorkshire (England)
Hello! Sarcastic but generally nice lady just looking for a chat to distract from
her busy lifestyle. Enjoys the gym (generic I know!), socialising (yes I really do
have friends) and a cheeky drink now and again.

Charlotte, 24 from Gloucestershire (England)
I am a friendly, happy and confident person. I love meeting new people and think it
would be fun to get to know someone from the other side of the world, people
don't send enough letters now a days.

Hannah, 24 from Neath (Wales)
Recently finished my MA and looking for my next adventure. I love rugby, outdoors,
reading, history and live music. I also have an unhealthy relationship with my PJ's

Sophia, 24 from Essex (England)
Fun caring person. Animal lover, enjoying being with friends, listening to
music, love most sports, seeing musicals. Looking to meet new people

Lucy, 24 from Northamptonshire (England)
Just a girl looking to write to new people to offer support and comfort :)
I'm friendly, like to think I'm fun, can be ditzy, I have a huge heart and care
about everyone (unless there an utter arse!) so if you'd like to write
I look forward to hearing from you

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Female 25 • Be sure to make a note of the reference number of any members you are interested in contacting.
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Alex, 25 from Penrhyn Bay (Wales)
I'm a single mum who loves to write
and hear about new places

Elisabeth,25 from Dyfed (Wales)
A single woman from Wales, I'm hoping to find friends on here (hopefully I might find
Mr Right too). Would really like to speak to someone from the UK forces because
I come from a military family, but I'm willing to speak to anyone. Please don't be shy
and feel free to ask me anything you like.

Jessica,25 from Kent (England)
I'm a positive person who always looks for the best in people :)
just looking to meet some new interesting people!

Leanne,25 from Lancashire (England)
I am a single mum looking to make new friends and see what happens
along the way. I am a deputy manger in a children's nursery and love it.
I am a quiet friendly and honest person who wears their heart on her sleeve.
Look forward to hopefully bringing a smile to a few faces.

Emily, 25 from Leicestershire (England)
I'm a very out going person I'm a complete people pleaser. I have started afresh
and moved away from people who were pulling me down. This is a new chapter
in my life so I'm simply on here to make new friends

Shari, 25 from Yorkshire (England)
A lover of books and music I look forward to becoming friends with lots of new
people whether it’s a giggle or a sympathetic shoulder needed.

Cristie,25 from Wiltshire (England)
Optimistic, ambitious, confident and friendly. I've lived in numerous
different countries and enjoy getting to know new people. I have a
silly sense of humour and make the most of out every situation.

Parita,25 from London (England)
Hi I am just looking to have some fun.. I love to travel and see the world
in all it's wonderful glory but am a Londoner by heart..

Ashleigh,25 from County Durham (England)
A friend recommended I try writing to a military pen pal as life too short
and when your alone in a strange place sometimes words of kindness
from home/someone can help make it more bearable

Katie,25 from Merseyside (England)
Hi, just here looking to chat with somebody new, I love meeting new
and interesting people! I live in Liverpool, lets get to know each other :)
contact me email/post chat…

Nicola, 25 from Northamptonshire (England)
Don't quite know to put here; I'm a veterinary receptionist so spend my days
with a lot of animals. I love all marine life, have my own personal goal to free
every whale and dolphin from captivity… I'll keep you updated on that lol. I love
to learn about history. I'm also a hugggeee literature buff, I love to read especially
the classics. Looking to chat to someone who can write long letters
and keep a connection going.

Michelle,25 from Hampshire (England)
Hi, this is all new to me, I am looking for someone to write to and maybe start |
a friendship with. Hope I can find someone to write to and let them know what is
happening back in the UK. Hope to hear from you soon

Gemma,25 from Essex (England)
Hey, I'm looking to be a penpal for males or females in the military. I love to write
letters and have had friends in the British Forces and know how much they
enjoyed receiving mail. I'm a caring and understanding person with a good heart,
and looking for friends to bond with

Joanne,25 from Norfolk (England)
I'm a happy, out going, down to earth girl, always up for a laugh. I'm up for talking to anyone

Clara, 25 from Devon (England)
Hello, I am looking for a kind friend to talk to from all walks of life as I love variety.
I enjoy writing, reading, peace and quiet, most genres of music, walking, animals
(particularly owls and dogs), films, video games, cooking to name but a few things.
I appreciate people who are loyal, thoughtful, and I love a wicked sense of humour!
I am in a wonderful relationship that I wouldn't change for the world so am only looking
for friends. All letters will receive a response.

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Males 21-25 • Be sure to make a note of the reference number of any members you are interested in contacting.
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Richard,24 from Essex (England)
Hi, I'm into technology and music, I would like to hear from
somebody that likes cats and into the same interests as me.

Mike,24 from Swansea (Wales)
Fun person who is caring, looking to make new friends

Charlie, 23 from Birmingham (England)
I'm like marmite you either love me or hate me


Dan,21 from Suffolk (England)
Hi, I am a single man who is interested in speaking to females from all over the world. I am a very sporty guy but I also enjoy music, movies, TV and live shows. Family and friends are very important to me. Love to make people smile and laugh so please get in touch.

Thomas,21 from Lancashire (England)
A fun guy who just wants to make new friends! I love music, travel and food.

William, 21 from Surrey (England)
Hello! I am a caring English guy who's looking to make friends from around the world!
My hobbies include movies, photography and shopping. I would love to have a US penpal!
GB17792 (E)


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